Neither ‘Hello’
nor an ‘Hi’
was uttered,
atleast for a ceremony.

‘I came to complain’,
she ran into my muse
with hysterical eyes.

I know her like an emotion
my hormones ooze.
Her name – Poetry.

“No, I can’t” – she cried.
in a tone disturbed by tears;
for I asked to calm-down.

Be it despair or
Be it ecstasy,
naked beauty – her endowment.
I was awe doped.

“Once as pure as river
of melting glaciers;
I, now a muddied drain of distaste.
I stink at large, you know..”,
She continued sobbing.

“O! dear deity..”, I mourned.

“No, but why can’t you tell them..”

she dissolved reverberating,
as always, into nerves,
giving out no clue
on recipes to internalize
good taste of art;
Leaving me in
solitude of broken words.