Truth – once flowed down those alleys of labyrinth,
as it happened in the landscape of time.
Its footmarks now, though,
are trampled-down the crust by convenient lies;
out of sheer- Greed, Obstinance, Ignorance.

I, Lost in that labyrinth of untruth –
knowing not the reason nor the genesis,
ran up and down the alleys between letters and words
to know the story of me, my genesis and the make.

For every alley I questioned –
of me, my genesis and the make;
defense word – ‘God’ was all the defaulted reply.
Was tired of being fooled.

Eventually there evolved stories, in an alley of labyrinth –
stories of atoms and moons, stories of stars and cells.
stories with least connect, yet,
not ceasing to be of Substantial importance.

These stories, unlike the precedents,
stuck with me like breath; spoke to cells of my body,
like two old pals reminiscing old days.

O! I discerned, from those reminiscence –
Stories I heard were the pieces of me
scattered across the light-years of evolution;
Stories that made me the kin of everything
that there was and is, from dark-hole to dinosaurs.

Evolution of ‘I’ from – ‘nothing’ to Sub-atomics,
to atoms, to molecules, to cells, to organs;
through pedigree of lives – that tried and failed,
that tried and evolved, to make me, me.

Answers to my quest, was right before me, naked –
displaying to me the ‘me’ that was gathered-up
from pieces and assembled like a Lego puzzle.

Out of triumph, I cried loud.
Walls of alley echoed the names –
“Italo Calvino” and “Cosmicomics”.