Mind’s Trend

Puthumaipiththan – is one of reverenced Tamil writers. I wanted to try translating his works, ever since I read his stories. I finally had a try. Translation isn’t easy, particularly when a work is marvelous. Below is a Translation of Puthumaipiththan’s – one Story? or should I say a Poetry? I leave it for yourself to decide.

Courtesy: http://www.chennailibrary.com/ppn/story/siththampokku.html

Mind’s Trend.

Much exhaustion while returning home from office that day.

Couldn’t cope with printing machine’s bodily needs.

I moved out.

Crowd in street.

A deceased baby in garbage tank.

Which mother was it? Let whomsoever it may be? She has done it out of fear on social agreements. What of it? Women gathered there about that accused – whatever let the reformists scream; she is just that? – they were nagging from bottom of their stomach. Even their emotions were right. Only they will know the – Joy, greatness and the pleasure in pain of creation.

Her emotions? What of it?


I turned from there. Milkman was milking the cow in front of a house. His pain is very short; light.

He doesn’t have any worry about that calf.

To get milk, what is there if that calf die? Where is its skin going to disappear? Cow is going to be pleased if we tie that in its leg. Cow, as well, will milk with hearty love. What is needed than this?

Deceased baby; skin calf!

Enough! Enough!

We are clever for sure.

I wished to go to sea shore.

Wasn’t it enough of men’s victory to observe?

Reached sea shore.

Light breeze creeped over like a worn dhakai muslin. Good time that the radio is over for the day.

A girl’s melody at a little distance on sea shore. Shankarabharanam; delightful only. Listening to it by standing on foot would ruin Hindu community utterly they say.


Sea – she is the only deserving for me.

Nobody will say nothing if I see her, even if I stare at her.

Moon in sky. Didn’t care about it. His dominance wasn’t much that day. Crowded cloud around; dimmed light.

Blue sea; Only that day I knew it’s blue sea. Blue sea!

Blue? Isn’t it full of life!

Afar – not at the horizon – where it and she met – her smile.

Raising up, showing the white pathway, waves disappeared with a wink.

What is the meaning of it? A cheer in my heart; out of unreasoned sorrow. What is the meaning of it?

What girl! Why are you being a secret of vast creation – Magic? What is the meaning of your smile?

Who are you?

Why is this sorrow in my heart? My sorrow?

For whom are you disappearing after wink? What is the meaning of it?

Shall I come? You Girl! What is your heart?

I can’t get the meaning! Who are you?

Yes; got it.

You are my queen.

My L..o..v..e..r! My deity – poetry, that sprout in human heart’s sorrow!