A Pathway in Eternity

It was obscured at my back; there was no chance to back down. So, I ran, strode or walked, on the pathway ahead as long as I was supposed to. Sometimes, I even stood there gazing at one or the other sides in the pathway, that circled me on the front and sides. Unlike the ones we see here on earth, that Pathway was constantly on a move like a powered on treadmill. Like, you move even if you don’t walk or run.

At one fine place in the pathway, whatever I saw there up in the front (which is called the ‘cerebral’) started clouding up. Everything – aesthetic irregular shapes of curvy and sharp cut lines between folds and embosses; hundred billion neurons gushing in millivolts of my memory of people, events, learnings; glands oozing my feelings and disposition; cerebrum, cerebellum etcetera that was guiding me along the pathway were drawn out of light and started moving out of my control. Over the distance, ‘Cerebral’ side became darker further.

Subconsciously, I thrusted upon other side – ‘Physical’, to compensate for the ‘Cerebral’ imbalance.

As I leaned too much on my ‘Physical’ side to make up for the dullness in ‘Cerebral’, ‘Physical’ started wearing out sooner than expected. Everything I saw there – organs, muscles, skin, tendons, cells they were made of, red fluid, oxygen, CO2, their food and toxins; became jittery and began dimming out. It was tough, to say the least. With no time to worry, I pulled up my socks, started running, swimming and working out till I could drain the toxins accumulated at my ‘Physical’; Hoping to make them enduring and strong. I ran, swam, and many more.. again, again.. again. I was desperate to rejuvenate ‘Physical’. I had no choice, either. Between, something else flickered.

As I turned anxiously to the flicker, the only other side that wasn’t worrying me until then – the ‘Monetary’ side of my pathway, intimidated to fuse out. I was heading to a place where I would be able to see no monetary side of my own pathway. Meaning, I will have to lean on someone else’s monetary side, to support my Cerebral and Physical. It got tougher. I ran, raced harder and harder; but pathway didn’t move in the same speed I propelled. I could see at my ‘Monetary’ side, the sources for it were turning their back at me, asking me to leave.

I had no choice but to shout out for help. I didn’t shout out “Help”, rather I called up people’s name who I thought would help me to regain one side at a time. And they arrived. Holding my arms, they sailed me to light.

As I clasped my palm together at my chest to thank my ‘Cerebral’, ‘Physical’ and ‘Monetary’ sides for not becoming blacked out, they said, “Thank not me, but laudable people you have earned”. I nodded with solace, “I know”.

Just when the pathway was coming to an end, I sat down with folded legs, to learn the pathway’s make. Pathway was made of nothing but just – twos (2s), zeros (0s), ones (1s) and sevens (7s).

Later I learnt that, that pathway was an eternity.. made to look ephemeral, just to name it meaningful. Or rather, an ephemeral name given to an eternity for convenience. Names are substantial. It makes things accessible. People even call those ephemerals as ‘Years’ (I called it the pathway); and the Eternity as ‘Time’.

I was, even am, will supposedly also be – in one such place.

I wish, I earn and repay more such laudable people for the pathways ahead. I wish you as well with more such chances!

Happy New Pathway ahead!