Puppy Rays

Faraway, So faraway – that
holds not in a “Far-away”;
Jumping & rolling one over the other,
on a humongous ball of habitat-flame,
busting and bubbling of love;
they commence and arise.
Yet, I be spotted on soil.

Rushing through atoms and quantums,
through planets and moons,
upon the waves of gravity;
as puppy rays, they dash at me,
licking and smelling my buff;
with their visible & obscure anatomy.

While they seep into skin,
negotiating with melanin
to be my blood –
I lay loved,
with floods of felicity,
like recumbent recipient
of light years of fondness.
For my body a world of its own,
in addition to a soul,
for millions of lives,
in the grace of light;

O! Dear Light! I pray sun.
He dashed at me, again
as puppy rays,
licking & smelling my buff;
with all colors of love.