An Indian Park: A Flash Fiction

So, There I rested myself in the park on that Friday night after an overflowing dinner in a south Indian restaurant. Trees rooted in that desert soil, grown high and green all around the park. Light behind my seat glowing bright, casting two dimensional image of all the three dimensions on the surface, including me. Locals there were the Foreigners in that Indian faces filled park.

Someone, must be around mid fifties, excused himself and sat at the other corner of the cement chair. He smiled at me, I smiled back.

“Where are you from, Sir?” he questioned.

“Chennai” I stoped.

“You work here? Married? Looking for job?” He started. I answered him half-true.


Then I asked him, where he was from, how long he has been in Dubai, formally. He answered me, half-true I believe.

Then he started with things he intended to speak, starting with “Velu? Christian?”

“No, Vel is a weapon that Lord Ganesh’s brother has.” I told him. I’m aware not many people other than Tamils know Lord Muruga.

“Acha…” He smiled looking away from me. I just nodded my head.

“Vishnu’s multi-headed snake is kind of an arch built by Noah isn’t it?”

Noah, I know is a biblical character who saves all animals using an arch from the flood that distracted the world. “No, not sure about that, Sir. But Noah I know because I have seen the movie. I’m a fan of Russle Crowe” I said.

“That movie is very misleading, you see. Not everything said in that movie is true, you know?”

I didn’t ask him why. All I wanted was to spend sometime in solitude. What he spoke seemed interesting at the beginning but was too boring for my age.

But he continued with his intent, “Yes it is. Bible is older than Vedas. Vedas are extracted from bible. We should seek for the truth and original”

“Ah! Please!!” I told within.

His intent was to tame me to his belief. Only he was talking or rather preaching for more than two hours, about his belief, proud. He was talking and talking and talking, not a pause, from god to Chitan, to religious organisations, then to religious politics, to heaven, to earth, to Armageddon, and to everything that would portray him as a only man that care’s of men and earth. Ufff! It was too beyond a limit to be patient.

“You know, when god made Adam and Eve? They were made immortal.”

“Oh! Is it sir? What were they sir? homo-erectus or neanderthal?”

“I’m sorry?!”

“Were they homo-erectus or neanderthal?”

“I’m sorry. You aren’t interested in what I’m saying?”

“I respect your belief. But it isn’t just right for you to wish to tame someone to your belief. I’m sorry I failed you.” I told him calm and left the place.